Aug 24, 2014

Earth & Elegance: Tourism Making A Difference

Last summer, Travelgirl Magazine packed me off to take photos and share the incredible story behind Sokol Blosser, an Oregon winery pushing to be sustainable. #DoingHardTime.

My feature – photos and text – from the summer issue of Travelgirl Magazine. Check out the whole package here.

Aug 14, 2014

Moonshadow & Barndances: Summer Sweetness

Supermoon, camper eating bannock, barn dance at Bear Claw Lodge. Copyright AC
I found the perfect place to play cowgirl: northern BC's Bear Claw Lodge... My full story will run in Travelgirl Magazine this autumn, but check out some photos in the meantime...

Aug 13, 2014

Swimming With The Fishes On BC's Kispiox River

I snorkeled over rainbow trout, Dolly Vardens, and pink and Chinook salmon, thanks to the Bear Claw Lodge and Kispiox Fishing Company. Shoddy image copyright
Today I shot a riffle, a patch of fast current, while snorkeling. It felt even closer to flying than scuba...

Aug 11, 2014

Spotted While Simply Messing About In Boats...

A burly eagle welcomed me back to northern BC, presiding over a Main Current Expedition raft trip on the Bulkley River.

 Image copyright

Aug 9, 2014

Ripple Effect: Patriotism In The North Cascades

Flying the flag high (80ft) in the North Cascades. Copyright

Climbers strung Old Glory 80 feet in the air, above the lawnmower races in Morton, WA, as part of the Loggers Jubilee.

John Deere Drag Races: Blades Up At Dusk!

The "powderpuff trophy trot" at Morton's Lawnmower Races, copyright

Forty-one years ago, people started racing lawnmowers up and down Morton's Main Street at 2am – until the cops showed up... But so many folks were watching that the police just blocked off the stretch. In 1978, the event went official as part of the Washington town's annual summer celebration. 

Aug 6, 2014

Bread And Circuses: Dinner Entertainment

Lights dim under the red-velvet and gold-brocade tent. Suddenly, sirens wail and lights strobe. “Dessert emergency!” the announcer shouts, as acrobats roll a prop fire truck onto the central stage. They crank up its ladder 30 degrees and begin sliding plates of basil-infused lemon pound cake down its length. At the bottom, waiters intercept the dishes—their whipped-cream swirls still picture-perfect—and fan them onto the audience’s tables.

Teatro ZinZanni remains the poster-child for Seattle’s dinner-entertainment scene, with its world-class comics, musicians and contortionists ( Rightly so, since founder Norm Langill brought the modern “feast and fancy” concept here in 2000. “Our show—a celebration with food—was supposed to last 10 weeks, but that was 14 years ago,” he laughs. “The initial response was outrageous: the audience had never seen anything like it. The New York Times called it the city’s hottest ticket. We sold out for good six months after that.”

Seattle has unpacked the dinner-and-a-show idea like a carful of clowns… From art to board games and cooking classes, venues across town have added twofer-twists to lure in patrons. Check out my four-page feature in Visit Seattle on the topic.

Jul 25, 2014

A Banner Day For Badger, the Filth Kitten

My landlady made this water feature from an old work sink. I wet-vacced mud and leaves  from
it today, but I bet the kitten will manage to get grubby still.

I excavated the fountain this afternoon, giving Baby Badger a splashy new way to apply camouflaging coats of grit and cobwebs. Still, #KittenWorthIt