Nov 8, 2016

Election Day in America

I walked my ballot in, hoping that as I voted for our first female president my lost kitty would follow me home. #PussyGrabsBack #PussyComeHome


Nov 3, 2016

MISSING CAT, DAY 8: The Humane Trap Caught Our Kitty!

Just not the lost kitty...

Backstory: our tabby went missing from 127th St and 7th Ave NW on October 26. Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue believes a cat turf war may have him pinned under a neighbor's shed – and we've heard meows and howls, like he's trying to get home. More info on and the Facebook group Finding Jake!

The Badger, our wacky tortie. Copyright

Nov 2, 2016

MISSING CAT, DAY 7: A Lead, At Last!

Doug and I may have heard Jake! We caught a meow, a warning warble and then a yowl, all sounding like him and near the shed where a cat has gone to ground. Of course we raced outside, along with our other kitty, but we couldn't find him -- and it would have been creepy to crash around our neighbor's yard after midnight. But we are hopeful now!

[BACKSTORY: our tabby went missing from 127th St and 7th Ave NW on October 26. More info on and the Facebook group Finding Jake!]


Nov 1, 2016

MISSING CAT, DAY SIX: Sniffer Dog Extravaganza

Komu – of Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue – took a spin around our neighborhood with his handler James Branson. They found a kitty bunkered under a shed, which lies in territory claimed by Jake's nemesis, a tuxedo alpha cat.

When sick, injured or intimidated by turf wars, cats go to ground and lie silent, so they don't attract predators. This primal programming can override even a tight love-bond with their owners. We couldn't get eyes on the hiding kitty, despite using a sewer camera. So we've baited a humane trap and play a recording of Jake's little sister trilling for food there twice a day.

Komu detects cats, but not a *particular* cat: indoor/outdoor pets leave too many scent trails to track. But given the animal kingdom dynamics around here – and that most felines are found in a seven-house radius – we're cautiously hopeful this could be our little buddy. Fingers crossed!

[BACKSTORY: Our cowardly couch potato Jake went missing on October 26 from 127th Street & 7th Ave NW, Broadview, Seattle. More details on We're grateful for any and all help spreading the word!]

Photo of Komu by James Branson of Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue

Oct 26, 2016

Our Clingy Kitty Jake Has Been Missing All Aay

Doug and I are trying not to panic.


Oct 25, 2016

Looking For The Real Silent Night

My latest for Sierra Magazine: escape the holiday hustle and winter-camp in continental America's most pristine soundscape..

Madeline Ostrander hikes the Hoh River Trail. Copyright