Oct 12, 2016

Oct 4, 2016

Back On The People's Coast Again

Oregon preserves 363 miles of public-access beach: the entirety of its oceanfront. Love, love, LOVE!
Battle Rock, Port Orford, copyright amandacastleman.com

Sep 29, 2016

Why Hello There, Deepest Lake In America!

You're looking spectacular for a 7,700-year old...

Oregon's Crater Lake, copyright amandacastleman.com

Sep 20, 2016

Castles Made Of Sand Fall In The Sea, Eventually...

Sometimes you just have to sneak away and watch America's longest natural sand spit erode for a few days...

Dungeness Recreation Area, Olympic Peninsula, WA. Copyright amandacastleman.com

Aug 27, 2016

Getting Photobombed By Blitz The NFL Mascot

Reporting takes me to some unusual places, including dinner on the 50-yard line at the Seahawks home stadium. So of course I had to bring the ultimate ringer: super-fan and super-colleague Christy Karras#AmexSeahawks 

Aug 12, 2016

Memorializing The Man I Called "Brother"

I love that Sierra Magazine left in my sub-header saluting his curmudgeonly streak: "Edward Readicker-Henderson wants you to get off your lawn!"

Read the full piece.

Regarding services for our beloved ERH: he asked to be cremated with his ashes thrown in the Stikine River, "ideally off Brenda's boat, since she has flames painted on the side... Make sure that Lou Reed is singing 'What's Good' as loud as possible. Beyond that, I want as little fuss as possible.
"Thank you, everyone. You have been joys and miracles to me."

The memorial will be held on June 15, 2017, in Wrangell, Alaska. Please email me if you'd like to attend the boat expedition or the in-town pub night.
Edward on the Stikine River, where his ashes will be scattered on the year's anniversary of his death, June 15, 2017. Image copyright amandacastleman.com.

Aug 11, 2016

Some Work Days Are More Fun Than Others...

Time out at Brooks Falls in Monkman Provincial Park.

A break from aerial shooting at the Limestone Lakes in B.C.'s Central Rocky Mountains (Ridge Rotors Inc., ridgerotors.com). We sipped blueberry wine and the Geopark Manager Sarah Gamble discovered an ancient flint-knapping site! — at Tumbler Ridge Unesco Global Geopark.

Meltwater from Bulley Glacier, British Columbia— at Tumbler Ridge Unesco Global Geopark.

A Wild River Adventure Tours jetboat speeds under Kinuseo Falls in western Canada's first Geopark (wildrivertours.ca).

A theropod dinosaur cruised along this northern British Columbian creekbank 94 million years ago. I walked briefly in its footsteps, via a lantern-lit tour at the Tumbler Ridge Unesco Global Geopark (http://bit.ly/2b10ct9). Fantastic stuff!