Dec 7, 2016

On Caesar, Christmas and Compassion Fatigue: An Essay

I've dined out on this story for years, but never understood its message until I cared for two dying relatives in the horrorshow of 2016...

My essay about holiday travel and compassion fatigue just debuted in the APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association)...

Posted by Amanda Castleman on Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Dec 5, 2016

All Stranger Are Kin: Adventures in Arabic & the Arab World


I nabbed the last autographed copy of my friend Zora O'Neill's fabulous book at Seattle's Elliott Bay Book Company this weekend. I can't wait to dig in!

Dec 3, 2016

Seattle Women March Against Hate


I loved all the fellowship and fierce signs at the Seattle Women March Against Hate today, where 3,000 to 4,000 of us took to the streets of Capitol Hill. #LoveWins

• Abort the patriarchy!
• America expects clean water, clean air & clean government!
• Black lives matter!
• Build community not walls!
• Calling him president is like barfing up a yuge orange hairball!
• Can't comb over misogyny!
• Cascadia rejects the oligarchy!
• Cersei would not put up with this shit!
• Children are watching — the future deserves better!
• Consent in the sheets, dissent in the streets!
• The coolest girls stand up for each other!
• Daenerys would not put up with this shit
• Don the con!
• Don't forget pussies have nine lives!
• Don't mourn, organize!
• Elevate the art of questioning!
• Feminism — back by popular demand!
• Fierce love!
• Fuck you, Donald!
• Girls just wanna have FUN-damental rights!
• Hate is a lack of imagination!
• Hate not welcome here!
• Hate won't make us great!
• I will not go quietly back to the 1950s!
• Keep the oval office out of my oval office!
• Keep your tiny hands off my pussy!
• Keep your rosaries off my ovaries!
• Love trumps hate!
• Make love, not walls!
• Mein Drumpf!
• My favorite position? BOSS!
• Never lose your sense of outage! 
• No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!
Not Mein Fuhrer!
• No white supremacists in the White House!
• Only weak men fear strong women!
• Orange Voldemort!
• Predator in chief! P.S Trump, you suck!
• Pussy grabs back!
• Rape is not presidential!
• Refugees welcome, racists go home!
• Register Trump as a sex offender!
• Rise above hate!
• This pussy votes. I will not go quietly!
• This land is your land!
• Viva la vulva!
• We are all immigrants!
• We shall over comb
• A woman's place is in the revolution!
• You are loved!

(I missed so many great signs – please let me know your favorites and I'll update this post!)

Nov 8, 2016

Election Day in America

I walked my ballot in, hoping that as I voted for our first female president my lost kitty would follow me home. #PussyGrabsBack #PussyComeHome


Nov 3, 2016

MISSING CAT, DAY 8: The Humane Trap Caught Our Kitty!

Just not the lost kitty...

Backstory: our tabby went missing from 127th St and 7th Ave NW on October 26. Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue believes a cat turf war may have him pinned under a neighbor's shed – and we've heard meows and howls, like he's trying to get home. More info on and the Facebook group Finding Jake!

The Badger, our wacky tortie. Copyright

Nov 2, 2016

MISSING CAT, DAY 7: A Lead, At Last!

Doug and I may have heard Jake! We caught a meow, a warning warble and then a yowl, all sounding like him and near the shed where a cat has gone to ground. Of course we raced outside, along with our other kitty, but we couldn't find him -- and it would have been creepy to crash around our neighbor's yard after midnight. But we are hopeful now!

[BACKSTORY: our tabby went missing from 127th St and 7th Ave NW on October 26. More info on and the Facebook group Finding Jake!]