Jun 21, 2011


Tattoo: check
Multiple yoga mats: check
Drives a Jetta, longs for a hybrid: check

Yes, I really have hit the Seattle trifecta now... just in time for my 36th birthday on the first day of summer!

Here: Author Amanda Castleman takes one last glance at the Marquesas, one of the world's most
remote archipelagos, where she got her first tattoo from Master Artist Felix Fii on Tahuata.
Above: Ax got her  first tattoo in the Marquesas, where the art form revived after missionary
suppression. She displays it against  the backdrop of the "Invisible Bay" of Vaipaee off Ua Huka.
The tattoo combines her two lifelong passions: the ocean and writing. The script (her own) reads
"scrivere," which means  "to write" in Italian, honoring her family heritage and years spent living
in Rome. The symbol – Polynesian but common to many cultures – represents the sea and was
the super-ouchy part of the tat.  Photo by David "Moko" Roth of Eldertreks.


  1. Yuki Hayashi7:19 AM

    Ha ha! Congrats! I think in my neck of the woods, esp with kids, the Jetta becomes "VW/Saab/ or Volvo wagon." (Check!) I've got the multiple yoga mats too--and I don't even like yoga, lol. I guess this means the tat is next. Not willing to get one in town, but maybe on a far-flung journey, like you did... Happy Birthday, Amanda! I hope 36 is an awesome, awesome year for you, full of new adventures and mischief!

  2. Thanks, Yuki! I never thought I'd get inked, though tats are commonplace in Seattle. But when in a Marquesan hut...


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