Dec 3, 2016

Seattle Women March Against Hate


I loved all the fellowship and fierce signs at the Seattle Women March Against Hate today, where 3,000 to 4,000 of us took to the streets of Capitol Hill. #LoveWins

• Abort the patriarchy!
• America expects clean water, clean air & clean government!
• Black lives matter!
• Build community not walls!
• Calling him president is like barfing up a yuge orange hairball!
• Can't comb over misogyny!
• Cascadia rejects the oligarchy!
• Cersei would not put up with this shit!
• Children are watching — the future deserves better!
• Consent in the sheets, dissent in the streets!
• The coolest girls stand up for each other!
• Daenerys would not put up with this shit
• Don the con!
• Don't forget pussies have nine lives!
• Don't mourn, organize!
• Elevate the art of questioning!
• Feminism — back by popular demand!
• Fierce love!
• Fuck you, Donald!
• Girls just wanna have FUN-damental rights!
• Hate is a lack of imagination!
• Hate not welcome here!
• Hate won't make us great!
• I will not go quietly back to the 1950s!
• Keep the oval office out of my oval office!
• Keep your tiny hands off my pussy!
• Keep your rosaries off my ovaries!
• Love trumps hate!
• Make love, not walls!
• Mein Drumpf!
• My favorite position? BOSS!
• Never lose your sense of outage! 
• No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!
Not Mein Fuhrer!
• No white supremacists in the White House!
• Only weak men fear strong women!
• Orange Voldemort!
• Predator in chief! P.S Trump, you suck!
• Pussy grabs back!
• Rape is not presidential!
• Refugees welcome, racists go home!
• Register Trump as a sex offender!
• Rise above hate!
• This pussy votes. I will not go quietly!
• This land is your land!
• Viva la vulva!
• We are all immigrants!
• We shall over comb
• A woman's place is in the revolution!
• You are loved!

(I missed so many great signs – please let me know your favorites and I'll update this post!)

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