Jan 23, 2017

A Conversation Senator Chris McDaniel (R-MS) Can't Face

Dear Senator Chris McDaniel,
Here's my post that you deleted from Facebook, just before blocking my access to post. In the spirit of open debate, I'm just going to archive it here...

I'm going high, since you go low, patronizing us with a dismissal of "cute" and the outright lie about why 3.2 million Americans (and counting) marched in THE LARGEST DEMONSTRATION IN US HISTORY. I protested for healthcare; the environment; press freedom for the rights of women, minorities, the disabled, LGBT communities and victims of domestic violence. Condemn that if you will. History will show you are on the side of a man violating our Constitution's Emoluments Clause, among other offenses to law, tradition and morality. It will not be kind to you and yours.

Amanda Castleman

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