Feb 7, 2006

In a gonzo-journalism moment, I volunteered to take a Snow Bath this weekend at Quebec's Carnival, one of the world's largest.

"Very simple: you wear running shoes, socks, a bathing suit, mitts, and – if it is cold – perhaps a hat," Sylvain, an organizer, explains.

The thermometer dipped to -8 degrees Celsius in the walled city on the Saint Lawrence River today. How exactly is this not "cold", eh?

Later, I will sleep under a deer pelt at the Ice Hotel ... and post more entertaining fever delusions perhaps.

Quebec Tourism believes I may be the first foreign print-journalist to take a Snow Bath, so the article should be a standout … if I survive. Because – truth to be told – I am a poor-circulation, temperature wimp of the first water.

Full report to follow, if enough fingers remain to type...

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