Feb 11, 2006

I am DONE with bareskin gonzo journalism. Don't get me wrong – the Snow Bath experience was huge – but I'm beyond tired. Deadlines, four hours of sleep a night, six-hour meals ... I grab my Bain de Neige certificate; hug Pauline, Bruno and Raymond; then creep back to the Hilton, jaywalking a la Quebecois, and collapse.

The Inappropriate Beau is, I believe, in Perth. My sweetheart's in summer. I'm desperately soaking in the shower, trying to raise my core temperature.

Helen and I manage about ten minutes at the parade, then slope off, promising to watch from the hotel windows. I do, over the iBook's top, proofing the PhraseFinder.

"This resembles the Italian-editing Iditarod," I write my handler at Frommer's. "I'm either freezing in the cold or fumbling with my bilingual dictionary."

Still want my job?


  1. Amanda,
    I've been following the arctic adventure. Still want your job? Sure, but sometimes this's still a fun one. Yesterday I interviewed Christian college students hawking free pancake breakfasts to fellow Spring Breakers. Temps in the mid-70s. Scent of butter, maple and coconut. I shot video with my digital camera and we posted it on the website. No bikinis in this one. Maybe next time. Meanwhile, keep warm and keep filling us in on the rest of the world.
    Tony in PC

  2. How did you manage a Florida Spring Break piece without bikinis? I'm stunned.

    Thanks again for the News Herald's coverage of my cousin Ryan McCleskey too.

    Take care, Amanda