Apr 25, 2006

PLITVICKA JEZERA, Croatia – Finally, I repay some of the karmic debt owed to Edward, who flew 5,000 miles to save my sorry ass.

I beg Bosnian passport stamps from the steely border guard. Grumbling, he spits on the inkpad and resets the date.

Yes, yes, we should be above stamp-collecting. But I'm on the road with the inventor of strip passport, a yet unproven game of travel one-upmanship.

"We'll get Marie with Bosnia," he chortles.

"She circumnavigated the world by surface transport", I point out. "We might win this battle, but we'd lose the war."

He reflects. "I'm a pacifist, really."

"Me too," I agree. I like that strip passport* exists. The concept will really liven up hostels, not that most need more frisson.

But my blue booklet ain't anteing any time soon.

*patent pending


  1. You don't stand a chance... sadly, my pal Peter who as just in town has more than 20 countries on me. He'd beat us all. And he's been to Bosnia.

  2. And here I was, worrying Arthur Frommer would win...