Apr 17, 2006

SANT' ANGELO, Ischia, Italy – Just when Anglo-Germanic relations are at their most fraught, Lou and Albi unveil their very un-PC road games, prompting great hilarity.

I am so tremendously grateful not to be alone on this holiday, one celebrated en famille in Italy. The festive crowds would have carved a hole in a lonely heart.

Instead, I've enjoyed three days of nonstop mullet-spotting. What more could anyone ask?


  1. Sascha6:49 AM

    I should take up hairdressing to save the reputation of my nation. What do you think?


    Keep up the good works, Amanda. I am having an armchair blast in Italy

  2. Ciao bella,
    You have an obligation – no, a moral imperative – to share that good hair of yours. When you've de-mulleted the Continent and Blighty, we'll ship you straight here! Xoxoxo, Ax.

  3. Amanda, thank you for sharing the games with the world on our behalf! The mullet link is just terrific, it opens new horizons to my bad barnet awareness.

  4. Careful not to overload, caro. I went into a sort of trance state on Mulletjunky.com...

  5. Darling, You have done us proud! The mullet site is just the best!
    I have long dreamed that the 'Fat Child Game' would conquer the world, and now, thanks to you, that might just happen! LONG LIVE THE GOLDEN SNITZEL!!!!!

  6. sascha1:12 PM

    wow, I started off a hairy discussion here. Hi everybody. This week my computer imploded in the middle of a deadline, I am now sans client, £500 overdrawn (spanking new laptop!), without sleep and one day closer to becoming a hairdresser. Amanda, beware. I want you tresses!

    Regards, The mullet defender

  7. You poor girl! I had the new laptop surprise just before Christmas – fab timing.

    But, to be fair, my old one was a veteran of six years, which ran on coal...

    Sascha, I'll sacrifice my hair to the cause. Just come and get it! Ax.

    (Hmmm, just realized it's risky to make blustering statements like that to fellow travel writers...)

  8. sascha2:35 PM

    "Hair today, gone tomorrow" is all I say >insert evil grin and sharp pair of scissors<

    but mind you...on your side of the pond that might be seen as hairassment.