Apr 19, 2006

My Hong Kong article merited a mention in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, right after one of the world's arch-plutocrats:

Amanda J. Miller - Staff
Sunday, April 16, 2006
The rich really do live differently, a short interview with Donald Trump in the March/April issue of travelgirl ($4.99) reveals.

Asked a simple question: "When you travel, what do you never leave home without?" he gives an oh-so-Donald answer: "My private jet and my golf clubs." And here's his personal tip for traveling: "It's a big help having your own jet and helicopter." Well.

The rest of the magazine is a little more helpful to the hoi polloi, with a lively, beautifully illustrated article on Hong Kong by Amanda Castleman, who dons a scarlet wig and pink aviator glasses for a night of dancing before settling down to explore the city.


Check it out, as I strike a blow for the proletariat: Wigs for all my friends! Man the barricades!

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