Jun 28, 2006

Good thing I'm not one then. But I will babble on-air, July 31st at 3.30pm Eastern time.

The Atlanta-based, one-hour show, Escapes, broadcasts on AM 1620. Radio Sandy Springs also streams online to Windows PCs.

Feel free to call in lavish praise about the blog. Direct all packing-tip questions to Rick Steves, please. He cares, he really does. I just make snarky comments about inflatable neck pillows.


  1. Don't tell anyone but I like those pillows too. Course I'd forgotten about them completely and haven't taken one along since that year I eschewed planes, but now that you've reminded me, I'll dig out my inflatable neck pillow and check it for holes.

  2. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Hi Amanda...

    give some praise to British Airways. BA killed the inflatable neck pillow, cause they have these nifty little 'bumpers' you can pull out on the left and right of your ears. Perfect for snoring blissfully.

    ...she says, plotting her next packing question for Amanda...
    >>insert evil face<<
    Well done Bella!


  3. Hat Boy10:46 AM

    I've seen you pack, and I don't remember seeing anything that could be considered a "tip" from that last minute, spastic, tornado action that you call "packing".

    A much more interesting topic would be how you, as a vegetarian, who cringes at the sight of the most delicately prepared steak, can justify reaching into an airplane toilet, wading through a pool of your own vomit to retrieve a previously ingested little pill, which you then store in your purse for days contemplating whether or not to take it again....For some reason I don't think the "5 second rule" applies when public toilets are involved.

    Yes....I think that would make for some interesting radio babble.

  4. Okay, I have to agree with Hatboy here. She's fussing about "meat molecules" floating in my car as we drive down from Alaska. And for all I know, that pill is really still somewhere in her purse.

    Of course, the Lindberg baby could be somewhere in that purse, waiting to sell time shares.

  5. The oral typhoid vaccine disappeared finally in Botswana. My only hope is that some drug-hungry chambermaid didn’t steal it...

    Marie: Wear your inflatable toilet-seat with PRIDE, woman. Truly, nothing shuts down seatmate chatter like a neck pillow.

    Sascha: bumpers don't cut it, darling. What about the forward neck-snap?

    Hatboy: How did you mistake a finely choreographed display of packing prowess for "spastic tornado action"? Clearly it's time for some new specs, perhaps ones that distinguish "hot" from "diamond incisor"...

    Edward: I watched you pick daintily at a plate of garlic-pork pseudo-Chinese meatballs the size of the Suburban's spare tire tonight. Mock me all you want, but a few more meals like that and you'll be begging for a molded-soya-protein-pellet reprieve...

  6. Anonymous1:41 AM

    Amanda....what about one of those whip-lash braces? That should keep you upright!

    ...she says, rubbing her stiff neck from her last Ireland flight...


  7. Sascha, let's skip the half measures and issue all travel writers straight jackets ASAP.

  8. Oh yes, how does one's neck become stiff on an Ireland flight? Isn't all of the Emerald Isle about 15 minutes as the crow flies from SW England? Or did you start from further afield?

  9. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Amanda, I was trying to read my neightbour's book for 30 minutes....serves me right!

    The stiff-necked one!