Jul 17, 2006

JUNEAU, Alaska – Before dawn, I wake, twisting on the plastic lounge-chair – my decktop bed these last three nights. Heat lamps grill overhead: sinister and ember-orange. In contrast, the landscape unfurls in grey-blue sheaves: sea shading to mountains, then clouds and beyond. The lightest tone is the color of my eyes, the darkest that of my dreams.


  1. This is your Panama City acquaintence saying hello after a long absence. On the morning you were waking before dawn in a lounge chair, I was waking up before dawn for triple bypass surgery. Everything seems to be getting better since then. I thought I'd just pass on the only thing I learned out of this: No matter how healthy you think you are, genetics will do you in. If you have a history of any kind of illness in your family, get it checked out. And if you have free time for reading, I've posted several blog entries about my surgery and recovery at newsherald.com ("Undercurrents Online"). Cheers, Amanda. I hope this note finds you well.

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  3. Hey Tony,
    Sorry to hear about your hospital excitement – and I'm very glad you're up and blogging so soon. I had trouble tracking your column online, though. Could you post a URL – or email it and I'll do the honors? I'm sure all three readers here would appreciate it...

    Rest up and be well, Ax.