Aug 16, 2006

HARDANGERFJORD: Norway is home to the hulder. These mythological sirens resemble beautiful women, except for a cow tail or cat-eyes. Their melodious voices ensnare mortal men, but the pairing usually ends badly:

  • He is bewitched. She enslaves hubby underground forever.
  • He does her wrong. She becomes vindictively ugly.
  • He's doomed to eternal torment. She becomes human.

Edward brings my spinning head back down to earth, as so often he must.

"Hulder is not a reasonable career ambition. Concentrate on writing."


  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I've seen option two at play in America. "Vindictively ugly" ... yup. Just go to any mall...

  2. Funny, really, in most traditions it's the man who grows horns when the good lady wife is unhappy...

  3. Anonymous9:44 PM

    "He's doomed to eternal torment. She becomes human."

    Sound like you and ex-hubby!

  4. Play nice, kids!

    I'm not sure either applies: me being human or him being doomed. Unless you consider a tenure-track professorial post hell on earth ... as many do.

    Including my ex, come to think of it. Doh.