Aug 14, 2006

SEATTLE, Washington: Though wounded, I'm not about to miss a friend's exhibition opening. But I don't stay long. Tomorrow I fly to Norway; much work and packing panic still lie ahead.

The break proves fruitful. One attendee is a nurse practitioner, who confirms my hand isn't infected (luckily: she says that 80 per cent of cat bites fester). Several folks present are of Scandinavian descent and offer advice.

I chat a length with a young woman, so familiar, but unplaceable. We run through our resumes, our hobbies, our social circles. No overlap.

Then she mentions Italy, where she went to highschool.


Our dates in the Eternal City overlap perfectly. We must have met at some embassy or American Academy in Rome soiree.

Yes, that universe is just as snotty as it sounds. Great fun, though, if you like lipstick, high heels and security alerts.


  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Lady in Red. Wow! Always loved that dress... Baci, un amico da Roma

  2. I complimenti sono piu bravi con una firma, ma grazie, signore.