Nov 1, 2006

SEATTLE, Washington – A long October. Yet little happened. Except loads of work and yoga and drama and a houseguest who almost hosed down the collected works of Tim Cahill.

Those Super-Slooper 32oz beers get 'em every time.

One of my colleagues at the Adventure Travel World Summit hopped a freight train across Seattle after downing a few. Maybe he was inspired by keynote speaker Wade Davis' tales of zombie hunting and vision-vine hallucinations.

I certainly was. But I'm staying off the rails – and road – this month.

Home's where the heart is, right?

So I need to teach mine to settle in Seattle.

For short stretches, at the very least.


  1. Life is a journey, and ours cover more miles than most.

  2. Too true.

    Someone was scolding me about frequent flyer miles recently. I fly so many different carriers, mine are smeared across the board.

    In about ten years, I'm gonna consolidate them all and simply BUY an airline outright.

    Unless some other travel writers want to form a co-op?

  3. Peanuts for ALL my friends!

  4. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Nice photo. You have two skills.

  5. I'm also double-jointed in the elbows...

  6. I'm not a travel writer but can I get in on the sweet co-op action? Are these peanuts you speak of honey-roasted?

  7. Seattle or Copan or another side... it's genius of writing in your hands...

  8. DB: Aeropovera will only serve honey roasted peanuts and single malt whiskey on short hops.

    Longer hauls will feature vegetarian meals exclusively.

    I can just hear the flight attendants now: "Hummous platter or eggplant parmesan? I'm so sorry, sir. I understand you requested a filet mignon, but catering failed to load it on the plane. So ... hummous or eggplant? Maybe you could gnaw on the plastic cutlery to satisfy your atavistic urges?"

  9. Okay, before you give yourself too much vegetarian cred, should I mention the three nights in a row you made me go to McDonalds in Slovenia--after you failed to meet me at the train station--just so you could eat fries?

    Remember--I have photographic proof of this one.

  10. You can't prove a thing with that blurry snapshot of some random mouse-haired woman in a fast-food joint.

    If I did it, unlike OJ, I'd own the shame. But I seem to recall catering to someone else's mush-burger cravings in Lubjubblie.

    And ... and ... fries are vegetarian, except when crisped in animal fats. So there!

  11. Ewwww. My obsessive fact-checking (even when gobbing on comments) just led to this article about McD's paying off vegetarians and Hindus, after a class action lawsuit about its LARD SOAKED FRIES.


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