Dec 2, 2006

MEDELLIN, Colombia – Animal and rider fancydance the paddock: curvettes, gallops, mincing sideways steps ... my skepticism about the equestrian display dissolves quickly. But not my giggles, because the announcer – stiffly intoning an English script into the mike – keeps padding the text with the observation, "this horse, Spanish horse ... from Spain."

After eight or nine repetitions, my colleague Jimi calls: "hey, what type of horse is that anyway?"

The answer rolls across the plateau with panzer-like inevitability: "Spanish horse. From Spain."

1 comment:

  1. hahahaha wonderful, I'm remember some years ago a comment by a chef in the city of New York. I've questioned on a "strange" pizza on my dish and he with serious "piglio" said me "It's an italian pizza, from Nappppoli !"...but , have you newer hear about an airplane that can arrive from Naples in Ny in about 10 minutes ? It's important for have an hot pizza! :))) Thanks from your wishes, I'm curious for your next osservations from Medellin...