Feb 19, 2007

SEATTLE, Washington – My friend Michelle Goodman launched The Anti 9-to-5 Guideat Elliott Bay Book Company this weekend. People nearly fought over chairs, except it's the Emerald City, so we settled for snippy looks, flared nostrils and the odd moue.

I'm already free-range, but I bought a copy anyway, since page 167 flatters the ole ego: "Amanda Castleman, a 31-year-old travel writer, who spends three to four months on the road, says that in her book, freelancing is the only way to go. Without the leash of an editorial desk job, she's free to traipse from Hong Kong to Capetown to Honningsvag and back again, selling her stories to her cache of publishing contacts along the way."

Go on. Flee the corporate mothership.

You too can enjoy a carpet commute and catastrophic health coverage!

(Michelle next reads at the University Bookstore on March 1st. Or catch up with the cubicle-exodus agitator in cyberspace.)


  1. michelle6:22 PM

    awww, you're the best. i wish you were on every page in the travel chapter!

  2. No, YOU'RE the best (who else tries to give away wine bottles at a book launch? Talk about generosity of spirit – and spirits!).

  3. Readers who are not Michelle (all three): go buy the book already. It's fabulous.

  4. Free wine at the book launch? Why was I not invited??

    The Anti 9-to-5 Guide ... so the prophesies ARE true! Finally, some scripture to go along with my religion!

    Amanda, you and your friend Michelle are very, very bad influences.