Apr 20, 2007

VENICE – Why does Italy always Fellini out when I'm least able to deal?

Who, I ask, could deal with this sign at 6am? Not to mention a fake-gem-encrusted jock strap and a neon-lit hotel model in a toilet bowl?

A decade ago, I passed a full brass band, slow-stepping through Bologna like some jazz funeral. I followed, natch. The procession ended at a gallery. Musicians continued to march around the exhibits and through the film screen – rolls of toilet paper hung on vertical poles. On vintage celluloid, a nekkid lady goose-stepped.

And I? I wept quietly for Baywatch.


  1. Amanda, email me direct at aweeden@doner.co.uk and give me your email and I'll send you some more info about the colourful PDC characters we travelled with and more (The Lada Louts - two students in a lada; Minor Detour - Two guys [inc my now bf] in a 51 year old Morris Minor etc etc). And the mad stockbroker who started it all. Plus other rally details with rally veterans (London to Tashkent anyone? Timbuctu? Mongolia? etc etc...).

    It is a whole subculture of its own and I seem to have been sucked in by its vortex....

  2. Anne-Marie, grazie tante! I'll be in touch. Ax.

    PS: Everyone, please follow AMW's link for one of the best cancer blogs I've encountered. My mum's in the field, so I know a bit about the genre...