Apr 3, 2007

SEATTLE, Washington – 
"Kid, you have to visit Italy at least once a year to stay expert," my father harangued me Friday evening.

Monday morning I woke to an editor's plea. Could I pop across to Venice and Milan? And stay at the Palazzo Gritti, which Ernest Hemingway dubbed "the best hotel in a city of great hotels?"

Arduous, arduous task...

I'll rise to the occasion, I'm sure.

While dear old dad has the universe on speed dial, maybe he could nag me about the following:

  • Time to buy cold-water dive gear*
  • With that fatty paycheck that came outta nowhere
  • Or from a travelogue book deal...
  • You must explore Australia soon
  • And Antarctica – with a scientific expedition
  • Where is the world peace? Did we raise a slacker?

* He's already registered this one, though he's dubious about my new sport ... and calls every time a shark swallows someone. I'm glad he hasn't seen the Nage avec le grand blanc video yet.

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