Apr 13, 2007

SEATTLE, Washington – Tom Waits growled softly on the soundtrack of my childhood. Age 11, I glanced up from a jigsaw puzzle, as Heart of Saturday Night spooled on the tape deck, and realized that music could speak to the heart. Just so. Like this. Yes.

I'm leavin' my fam'ly
Leavin' all my friends
My body's at home
But my heart's in the wind
Where the clouds are like headlines
On a new front page sky
My tears are salt water
And the moon's full and high
To be up in the crow's nest
Singin' my say
Shiver me Timbers
'Cause I'm a-sailin' away

No wonder I'm a travel writer.


  1. Hi Amanda,
    I'm stuck at home today, so thanks for posting a traveling song. I'm going to listen to it all afternoon.

    Eat some nice porcini mushrooms in Milan.
    Your buddy, Candace, aka Italian Woman at the Table

  2. Darling, for you, I'll eat a TRUFFLE.

    (Well, shavings)

    Ci vediamo, Ax

  3. janet dimond8:27 PM

    I used to listen to the track The Heart of Saturday Night over and over again, memorizing.
    Don't know why I'm so entranced by that song. Simple poetry I guess. And I just love Tom. Even if he is (was) a barstool prophet.

  4. Hey! Cool picture.