Apr 22, 2007

MILAN – The design brouhaha outstrips fashion week here now. All the furniture geeks get their panties in a bundle. Laura and I pinball between espresso stands.

Nonetheless, we discover the nipple beanbag and the dog sofa. She prefers the black leather and chrome, while I dig the cow hide: a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.

Ulco Syl uncoils from a mod couch, all honey-glaze smile. The Dutch nephew of the Italian designer parses the fidolounger. "We haf different sizes," he explains. "One for little dog – you know, little dog: you could crush head with one hand – and the other for big woof."

Portrait of a seller as an honest man...


  1. I think I speak for all of us when I say the nipple beanbag and dog sofa should be cornerstones of our living rooms.

  2. Theme decor! You could line up eight bean bags into a "Doggy Mamma" couch...

  3. Haha! Oh God, that's funny.

  4. Patent pending...

    Next up: the Mad Cow, complete with an ejector seat!