Apr 18, 2007

SEATTLE-NYC– I thought an eight-hour layover would be safety margin enough, while switching carriers for the international flight. But nooooooooo.

"It's not American's fault you're stuck in Seattle," the minion shrugged.

"Um, storms?"

"Our airplanes went out. You should have flown with us, not Jet Blue."

Yes, because I value that sympathetic AA customer service...

"You can change your ticket." Tap, tap, tap on the keyboard. "One thousand dollars, please. No, wait, hang on. You have some funny code here."

"Media rate," I explain. "And that means I'm going home to take a nap, while your PR bod figures this one out."


American refunded me a $30 credit in the end.

Do not try this at home.

We are highly trained professionals.

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