May 6, 2007

SEATTLE, Washington – So we do this cute piñata thing for “Single de Mayo" to promote this anthology, after a reading at Queen Anne Books.

The star-shaped papier-mâché sucker would not break. Everyone twats the bride image at the center. "Limbs, go for the limbs," I mutter in best back-of-the-class style.

"Amanda! Get up here," someone calls.

"No. Um. I'm not a joiner. I'm a skulker, a snarker..."

"It won't break."

What am I? Friggin' Barry Bonds? These may be consignment-store heels, but – heck, ladies – they are my only good pair. I do not plan to snap their spindly stems.

"We're gonna be here all afternoon!"

Enough already. Fine. Gimme the wood.

I haven't held a bat in 15 years. But the outcome's clear before the carry-through. The swing is sweet. Candy sprays over the coffee shop courtyard.

And we can all go home.

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