Jun 3, 2007

PORTLAND, Oregon – This city is Seattle, 20 years ago, after a bowlful of Humboldt County's best. "Hey man, we gotta git in the Purple Passion Wagon, drive out to X and fire up the hookah," I overheard someone drawl.

Aside from that, Portland was all elbow tattoos and bathroom sex.

Ink of the arm hinge once indicated hard jail time, a prison murder or white supremacist leanings. Now, well, it's just another style thang, I'm told.

As for getting jiggy in the loo, perhaps my sample set was skewed. A couple wedged into the Amtrak toilet five minutes outside the station. "Patience is a virtue," mused the graybeard opposite me. Then another pair – a cougar and her catch – locked the door at Colosso, a NE tapas and cocktail bar.

Still, twice in two days?

Elbow tattoos and bathroom sex. Portland. Remember, you read it here first.


  1. "Portland was all elbow tattoos and bathroom sex."

    Hehe, that line should be in a Lonely Planet.