Jul 27, 2007

SEATTLE, Washington – The floatplane skeeters off the lake and banks west. I mash my nose against the window. This time, I will not miss my house. The pilot's diverting expressly over my 'hood, after all.

Aha, there's Shilshole. The ramrod brick of Ballard Hardware. The locks – North America's busiest, in fact – and, um ... somewhere in that amoebae blob of streets ... my wee writer's garret.

A friend told me to study Googlemaps. But that feels like cheating. Sooner or later, I'll manage. Must keep trying. Stiff upper lip...

And in the meantime, hey, lookit, I'm flying over Puget Sound and Bill Gates' house and alarmingly close to the Space Needle, all thanks to Debi Lander: often a student, now a colleague, always a friend. She's raced into town – all quickfire ideas and enthusiasms – and swept me onto a Kenmore Air scenic flight and to dinner at the Dahlia Lounge.

Which beats the hell out of an apple any day...


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Ahhhh! A seaplane, I would love to island jump in one. Yes, When Pinky and I have taken over the world.

  2. Mamma, is that you?

    (She often has world-beating delusions. But don't we all?)

  3. So did you see your house or what? That's a nice photo of the Space Needle.

  4. Nope, missed the #*^(%*^*& house again.

  5. Hey Brain, your season two DVD SUCKS chunks.