Aug 21, 2007

SPOKANE – "When are you getting remarried and having a baby?" Emma demands. At 89, grammy's earned her bluntness. Still, I cringe.

"Not when. If."

"Well," she replies, all crafty. "I still have that big Lladro."

Clearly, the only hurdle between me and the Harlequin happy ending was the right motivation: a two-foot-high china figurine. Who knew?

"What if I have a baby out of wedlock?"

She chews this over. "Husband first, then child. Like Catholics do."

My aunt jumps in: "Can Amanda have the statue if she falls in love with a woman? Because, they couldn't legally marry, but they could still commit and start a family."

Emma shakes her head. Pained. I'm sure her cartoon thought-bubble would read, "why the gay always?"

I pat her shoulder. "You sure raised a bunch of liberals and hippies, eh?"

She sighs.

Matriarching ain't easy in the eclipse of the American dream... Then again, what is?


  1. Ah, poor Emma. :) Though that reminds me why Xmas with your family was so much fun that year.

  2. Wanna throw your hat into the ring for the Lladro? Given the weak field, Emma will probably accept family friends into the running ...