Oct 26, 2007


QUINCY, Washington – "I don't exercise. I don't cook. And I don't drink!" a woman announces. Cheers rifle the room.

OK, fine. Sometimes a lady just needs a microbrew, jalepeño chips and a monster truck rally to unwind. But maybe play that down at a yoga-and-wine retreat, eh?

Not this crowd. Most are insurance executives on a girlfriend getaway. One keeps asking, "what's the difference between chardonnay and white wine?"

Radiant, patient, the instructor Angela Gargano replies, "do you mean red wines and white wines? Pigment varies, based on the time the grape skin ferments..."

"No, no," the woman insists, even louder, like a befuddled tourist overseas. "Chardonnay. White wine. What's the DIFFERENCE?"

Points to Angela for not simply snapping: "one comes in a bottle, the other in a box."


  1. boxed white wine = pure class

    Somebody should invent boxed sparkling wine, if it hasn't already been done.

  2. Can cardboard cut it? Or would it melt under the carbonated pressure?

    Questions for more scientific minds...

  3. Bonaire belle1:36 AM

    Do you ever rest? Sheesh...

  4. Rest? Who needs rest, when Target sells wine cubes?

    (OK, I haven't honestly tried one. But Mimi Smartypants did – and I trust that wanton woman to blaze a path for us all. She is a light among the heathens. Even if her daughter had a gnawed Spidey foot surgically removed from her ear...)