Oct 4, 2007

SEATTLE, Washington –  Flushed scarlet, the giant octopus boils through a clear tube. It suckers into the other tank and lumps into a corner, glaring.

"Top predator. Pissed top predator," the look telegraphs.

And in the Seattle Aquarium, it's freakishly true.


For me, the other highlight is human: a dry-suited diver in the 120,000-gallon, 39' x 17' Wall on Washington, centerpiece of the $41m overhaul. Via a helmet mic, he chats with the crowd. "We pump in water from Puget Sound, which is 50 degrees today."

My friend pokes me. "And you're wearing a wetsuit this weekend?"

I start to explain. As a journalist, I'm covering the first U.S. Dive for the Cure. Learners will take the plunge to raise money for breast cancer research, wearing just neoprene. For an authentic experience, true immersion reporting, I need similar gear.

But it's much more fun to say, "yes, cause I'm tough."

For more octopus lore, check out this Anchorage Press article by Lynne Snifka.


  1. sascha2:54 AM

    Ok, Amanda...when I come and visit you, could we NOT go swimming, please...PLEASE?

  2. Sweetpea, you have a toddler. How scary could a giant Pacific octopus be in comparison?