Jan 3, 2008


SEATTLE, Washington – Confession: I ended 2007 with a can of Aquanet.

Yes, yes ... I'm talking about the formerly ozone-depleting plastic spray. What else could hold Marge Simpson hair in place? (Blame Bowleserised, but don't read her blog or you'll wind up ratting and growing 'shrooms on paperback books).

Day one, I overteased. What can I say? I was young and inexperienced. But the next year, I scraped some tatty locks around my face, then pinned the rest over the owl pellet on my skull: so winehousey.

They tried to make me use conditioner, but I said no, no, no...


  1. Oh good hive! Mine wasn't nearly so impressive. Next time I will buy one of those readymade rats and really got for it.

  2. You swarmed too? Fantastic!

    I am all about the pre-fab rat next time, as I had to wash my hair THREE friggin' times, combing through conditioner.

    But, erm, it was kinda fun, eh?

    Thanks for kickstarting the dementia here. Ax.

  3. For the record, my silver hair accesory was a strand of recycled Mardi Gras beads shaped like fish. I didn't have to flash my rack for these, but I might have anyway, because they are sick, sick cool.

    I am a huge recycler of party beads: plant mulch, cat toys, holiday decorations. Why "Ready Made" magazine doesn't jump on this pitch for its travel issue perplexes me...

    Anyone? Bueller?

  4. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Wow! You look FAB darling!!!

  5. Wow. Now THAT'S an impressive 'do.

  6. That is the most amazing hive I've seen in ages. I do hope you are going to make it a regular part of your look.


  7. Thanks, Louche. That's quite a compliment from a man who knows his waistcoats!

    A gal pal in Britain has pledged her grandma's vintage rat to the cause (on loan, as I wouldn't dream of denying her infant such an heirloom).

    She and I are meeting in Rome next month. And I am sooooooo hiving there. Imagine a 5'8" woman in a beehive and heels. I'll be the tallest person on the peninsula...

  8. sascha10:08 AM

    well, folks, I am said vintage rat owner and, at 5'3 1/2'' IN HEELS, I need all the rats I can find to keep up with Amanda

  9. I've got "tall" covered. You handle the "gorgeous," sweetpea!

    My glam friend Anna – a former Ford Model – visited me several times, when I lived in the Eternal City. We theorized that two pretty women there cause an exponential amount of chaos: Girl Squared.

    She and I always aspired to cause a minor traffic accident, say, a fender-bender. Maybe you and I will manage, Sascha, if we swarm well and truly...

  10. sascha1:09 AM

    Storm in a D-cup. Why isn't Anna coming? Girl power times three and the city will crumble.

    PS: We are looking for a sugar daddy sponsor to provide us with those traffic-stopping gladrags. Our quest on ebay has yet to yield the desired results.

  11. >Why isn't Anna coming?
    Why not indeed? I've just been tired and scatty and forgot to ask.

    You two would bond utterly. Except the planet would slip off its axis because of the dense concentration of beauty and brains...

    Ax, city infrastructure-wrecker

  12. Tall ladies with fancy hair in Rome? I say ding-dong.