Feb 9, 2008


SEATTLE, Washington – I'm prone to lackadaisical publicity. Like, say, completely forgetting to mention book readings in New York City and that sort of thing...

But 2008 dawns a bright new year. And not just because a woman and a black man are Democratic front-runners, but also because you, dear readers, have three whole weeks notice about my next public appearance*.

I especially encourage the mouth-breathing rednecks angered by my bikini espresso coverage to picket the event. We hacks love a good pie fight.

* How does a freelancer stir up a living out of the stew of citizen journalism, budget-challenged print outlets, corporate "newsrooms" and web 3.0, the next iteration beyond social media? Join a panel of writers and editors to discuss where freelancers might find their next meal ticket. Panelists for "Freelancing at a Crossroads: Jobs in a Changing Landscape" include Amanda Castleman, freelance travel writer and editor of a Web 3.0 startup; Martin Wolk, business editor of MSNBC.com; George Bukota, industry journalist and marketing copywriter; and Randy Woods, managing editor of Seattle Business Monthly. Moderator will be Bill Thorness, freelance writer and editor.

It's all part of the second annual "All-Access Pass," sponsored by the Western Washington Professional Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. The Leap Day event will be held 1-4 p.m. Friday, February 29, at the REI flagship store, 222 Yale Ave. N., in Seattle. After the panel, meet with editors who buy freelance content.


  1. Will you be wearing a bikini for your talk?

  2. Oh and I've got the word 'chum' into the Telegraph, is that worth any points?

  3. Louche, I could wear a bikini under my suit, just to be secretly scandalous. But I'm flying out to Alaska later that day, so it's not the most practical sartorial move.

    Perhaps I should invest in some go-go mukluks instead?

    "Chum" could be a very good word score, indeed, but points depend on context. "Buddy," for example, isn't nearly as impressive as "fish bait"...

  4. You could get one of those furry bikinis, they must be designed for Alaska and other wintery places.

  5. Hateful like Anne Coulter9:16 AM


    You hacks should take the aforementioned game three-dimensional. Anyone who speaks on a panel in a furkini is grandfathered into the Journo Hall of Fame.

  6. Tutti, it ain't furkini season. Have you ever seen Seattle skin in February?

    A friend once described it as "dewy," while trying to be kind. Another told me I looked like the underbelly of a dead fish.

    Reader, I married him...

    (Only for seven years, though. A la Python: I'm not dead ... Got better...).

  7. Anonymous12:38 AM

    "woman and a black man ... "

    Makes you wonder what the woman looks like.

  8. True. Will we ever solve the enigma of Hillary Clinton? She's as reclusive as Salinger or Pynchon.

    Or maybe an Emily Dickinson analogy is more appropriate, given your emphasis on white chicks?