Mar 12, 2008


ROME – The dog Peggy stalked this nonplused pigeon for at least ten minutes, shuffling ever closer. Finally she abandoned cover and simply pointed: shoot it, already! Except all the Romans were busy with their cigarettes and babies and chicness, as usual.


  1. She looks like my childhood dog! He didn't do much bird-hunting though, mostly dogfood hunting.

  2. What other things does Peggy hunt? We used to have a dog that specialised in tracking pheasants and jelly (jello for Americans).

  3. Marie: the hunt for kibble is always an honorable one.

    Louche: Peggy's not my pooch – just a random sidewalk dog – so I can't really say. She acquired quite a large audience: any melodramatic excuse to loiter in the sunshine is welcome in Italy...

    I'm impressed with your childhood dog, though I wouldn't leave a dinner party menu to his or her talents.

  4. That picture says more about unsatisfied desire than any stirring bodice-ripper or wartime drama ever could...

    Go, peggy, go. Catch the pigeon...

  5. AMW, do you really think Peggy beats out Fabio (the hunk who often models for said bodice-rippers)?

    Points for importance and earnestness, but our Peggy Pointer is weak on abs...

    By the way, our dandy friend Louche apparently drove alongside the Pink Ladies. Are you guys in touch or can I broker a Facebook re-intro?