Aug 22, 2008


Cheewat River, West Coast Trail – The waterway's name translates "stream of urine". Appropriately enough, the ferryman sells cans of beer. Plus fresh crab and salmon, none of which pushes my go-button, as a vegetarian. Me, I land some boiled potatoes. With extra margarine, after I beg.

Be still my beating heart.

Don't be jealous, now. I think they have enough spuds for all my friends...

But two cans of Sleeman's Honey Brown – or was it three? – cast a warm glow on the trail. Look: a new composting toilet! One that smells like cedar shavings, not freeze-dried rations. OMG! And could that be a cougar shambling in the thicket? Let's go see, kids!

Hiking! Is! Fun!

Cheech and Chong are having way more fun than me, however. These BC dudes spliff up almost every bend, far as I can tell. They mistake a bear for "a seal up a cliff, kinda gallumping". Never mind that the cliff in question is several hundred feet above the water. Seals roam, you know. They're crafty b@stards...


  1. I see you are avoiding those 12000 words, Amanda.....the ones for a living.....

  2. Surely I can recycle the stoners' seal impression into Frommer's?

  3. To ensure you get paid for your blog writings, I just clicked on a Google AdSense link. It led me to the website for the Terrace Beach Resort in Ucluelet, which is apparently owned by "Jason Priestley and family". You should write about this; there isn't nearly enough 90210 exposure in today's guide books.

    PS- Brenda is such a bitch!

  4. OMG! I just stayed at Terrence Beach Resort and did not grasp the 90210 glamour. What can I say? I was largely raised sans TV. In the wilds. By especially intellectual marmots...

    As a nerd girl, I've always been partial to Andrea Zuckerman, though the actress must be pushing 50 by now, which rather takes the edge off "teen drama".

    Brenda certainly is a bitch. Must be the bangs that fuel her bitterness...

  5. Oh yes, thanks for following through on your consumer interest in Terrence Beach Resort (really a fab property: details to follow in a month or so, once I'm caught up).

    Road Remedies would never endorse click fraud, but does encourage all its readers to explore relevant leads here. You know, before I starve, cobwebbed to the computer...

  6. You stayed in the Church of St. Brandon and you never even knew it??

    Wow, and now I sound like 90210 junkie.

    Brenda, bitch that she was, always had great bangs. And yes, Andrea. She always had a good heart. I bet she's a wonderful grandma to some lucky kids these days.