Nov 14, 2008


SEATTLE, Washington –  Open letter to Parks Superintendent Tim Gallagher:

Please don't ban nudity in our parks. That defies the spirit of Seattle, whose liberal citizens just voted you a $146m levy during a recession.

I'm not a nudist, but I value the freedom this city has protected for years. Frankly, I am horrified this issue has even arisen, especially since nakedness "per se isn't illegal," as your department's own memo pointed out.

We need more trails, off-leash areas and playing fields, not moral meddling from bureaucrats.

Complain here or attend the January 8th meeting.


  1. Sockboy6:17 PM

    Amen! I wouldn't have voted for that levy if I knew the parks were up to this crap!!!!

  2. In my home town, there is a certain resident called Ernie. For the past 30 years, Earnie has claimed that his body is art and that art is a public thing. So earny runs around with a hat and shoes ONLY year in and year out. For the first 10 years the police 'arrested' him ever so often (usually some shocked visitors dialling 112). They gave him sandwiches at the police station and let him go again. During my childhood, he was an icon and students stripped en-masse in his support. Sooooo...maybe a ban is REALLY going to kick-start hides-for-the-public. The authorities will be shooting into their own foot (feet?) with this.

  3. Sockboy: I understand the outrage. I had a flash of that too, but long term, parks are a happy thing.

    Sascha: please send Ernie/Earnie/Earny (a man more confused than Arnie-Artie?) across the pond to lead our protests.

    Seattle's busy demonstrating against the gay marriage bans at the moment. But I'm sure the git-dressed edict will provoke some colorful dissent ... it's pretty damn crafty to hold that meeting in Jan, no?

  4. Um, that was "git" in the "git along little doggie" US sense, not the "monkey child" UK one...