Feb 25, 2011

Google strikes a blow for quality content – and so can you... get clicking!

Google struck a blow for media pros today, changing its algorithm to push down sites like eHow in favor of "original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on". It also has a new blocklist extension for Chrome, which allows users to screen out content farms ... and the company plans to study what sites get the boot.

Journos and intelligent readers, please fire up that sucker and start voting with your mousefingers! I've nixed eHow, About.com Answerbag, Suite101, Examiner.com and Associated Content, so far. Other suggestions welcome!


  1. Amanda, my bloguru! (One "g" because two looks like the name of a Japanese beer.) How are you?

  2. Staying happy! I'm just home from the rainforests of Guyana, teaching loads and working on some good stories. What's up in Kalooey land?