Aug 30, 2012


Doctor Who spins back to Earth this week with five webisodes before the September 1 season premiere. But he's easy to find beyond BBC America. Step through a crack in time — or space, at least — and explore some of the hero's haunts, as the world's longest running sci-fi series approaches its 50th anniversary in 2013.

Read more in my latest article for Yahoo Visit Britain...

I had a blast writing this piece, which included the perspective of a "Whovian" that caught up with the Doctor on his first trip outside North America. I also interviewed Mark Scales, a Brit who's blogging his way through every location from 2005, when the beloved series regenerated after a 16-year hiatus.

Special thanks to my always amazing editor Christy Karras for combing through the TARDIS Manual of Style with me, so we could dial in the grammar or connoisseurs!

Doctor Who’s seventh season – premiering Saturday – stretches from cowboys to space dinosaurs
and loads of scarier-than-usual Daleks. Photo courtesy of the BBC.

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