Apr 14, 2014

Early Alarms: Now Only For Hikes And Planes!

Congratulations to my mamma, Ellen, on her first day of post-retirement freedom. She alleviated a lot of pain as a radiation therapist, and later as director of oncology and other departments. And she sparked so many smiles along the way. She'd freehand splashy Sharpie tattoos around the permanent dots that guided the treatment beams. She fought for art and gardens and no-questions-asked care for migrants in hospitals. And she'd spring out of bed at 4am, so kids with cancer could knock out their appointments before school – even long after she became a manager and could have delegated the early shifts.

I am so proud of the huge heart and mind she brought to healing. Every patient deserves treatment from people as engaged, brilliant and hard-working as my mother. She may be tiny – just 5' 1/2" – but she was a giant in her field.

And now I'm excited for Ellen's next chapter, which I hope will be full of laughter, learning and great adventures. Love you, mamma!

Ellen and Maria kayaking on Lake Union, Seattle, 2008. Image copyright AC.

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  1. ... a short and sweet post/note for a mother... perfect for Mother's Day!


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