Aug 12, 2016

Memorializing The Man I Called "Brother"

I love that Sierra Magazine left in my sub-header saluting his curmudgeonly streak: "Edward Readicker-Henderson wants you to get off your lawn!"

Read the full piece.

Regarding services for our beloved ERH: he asked to be cremated with his ashes thrown in the Stikine River, "ideally off Brenda's boat, since she has flames painted on the side... Make sure that Lou Reed is singing 'What's Good' as loud as possible. Beyond that, I want as little fuss as possible.
"Thank you, everyone. You have been joys and miracles to me."

The memorial will be held on June 15, 2017, in Wrangell, Alaska. Please email me if you'd like to attend the boat expedition or the in-town pub night.
Edward on the Stikine River, where his ashes will be scattered on the year's anniversary of his death, June 15, 2017. Image copyright

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