Nov 1, 2016

MISSING CAT, DAY SIX: Sniffer Dog Extravaganza

Komu – of Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue – took a spin around our neighborhood with his handler James Branson. They found a kitty bunkered under a shed, which lies in territory claimed by Jake's nemesis, a tuxedo alpha cat.

When sick, injured or intimidated by turf wars, cats go to ground and lie silent, so they don't attract predators. This primal programming can override even a tight love-bond with their owners. We couldn't get eyes on the hiding kitty, despite using a sewer camera. So we've baited a humane trap and play a recording of Jake's little sister trilling for food there twice a day.

Komu detects cats, but not a *particular* cat: indoor/outdoor pets leave too many scent trails to track. But given the animal kingdom dynamics around here – and that most felines are found in a seven-house radius – we're cautiously hopeful this could be our little buddy. Fingers crossed!

[BACKSTORY: Our cowardly couch potato Jake went missing on October 26 from 127th Street & 7th Ave NW, Broadview, Seattle. More details on We're grateful for any and all help spreading the word!]

Photo of Komu by James Branson of Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue

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