Feb 10, 2010

Only 12 days left to help the Global Citizen Project – a year-long voluntourism endeavor

My travel-writer pal, Seattle-based Charyn Pfeuffer, hopes to spend a year volunteering for 12 projects around the globe from Haiti to Honduras.

She has some terrific rewards for her pledgers, from homemade Theo chocolate bread to 40% off three nights at the Royal Hawaiian. But if she doesn't hit her $20k fundraiser mark by February 22, she won't collect a penny. She's over half-way there. Anything you can do to help or spread the word is awesome: blog, tweet, forward this message, etc.

Charyn has one of the biggest hearts I've ever encountered – and her scope as a journalist and blogger is impressive. Not only will she assist projects on the ground, but she will hugely raise awareness about these endeavors and the power of voluntourism in general. She's barely paused or slept over the last three months, trying to launch the Global Citizen Project. Please help an amazing writer fulfill her dream of giving something back to the places she's traveled.


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