Jan 12, 2006

The Trip Chicks' Insider Secrets of the Travel Experts was more enjoyable than I anticipated. Good panel-mates helped: USA Today Columnist Captain Meryl Getline, Travelers' Tales Editor David Farley and South Florida Sun-Sentinel Travel Editor Thomas Swick, who wrote my favorite critique of the industry.

He asked Why Is So Much of Travel Writing Boring? in the distinguished Columbia Journalism Review. "What can you know – and feel – about a place when you don't meet the people who live in it? We learn through human contact, and the knowledge that we gain is of infinitely greater value than any number of practical tips."

Ergonomic packers, I spit on your matching baggage!

Swick's also been guest-blogging at World Hum this week. A busy fellow is our Tom.

I've also kept occupied, racing off post-seminar for microwbrews and sadly unspicy Thai food with extreme-sports photographer Karen Johanson. We schemed about flying to Peru to profile Sofia Mulanovich, the Anna-Kournikova-marketing-bonanza-of-surfing. But we'll probably start closer to home at Surf Sister, a wave-riding academy in Tofino, British Columbia.

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