Jan 14, 2006

All my packing-snarkiness is coming home to roost. I have five pre-dawn hours before the Airport Shuttle arrives. Thus far, only my cranberry chiffon bridesmaid dress is in the carryon.

But one of my best friends – graduate student Amy Tillery – is marrying an American archaeologist I met in Ankara, Turkey: Professor Andy Goldman, who excavated at Gordion, once home to King Midas (though he burrows deeper to Roman remains). I introduced these two dear people, they fell in love and I snagged her cheap, sunny and spacious apartment in Ballard.

My diabolical plan worked perfectly, until I faced the gift-giving medley of Chanukah, Christmas, birthday, wedding and housewarming. Plus my gown, flight to Spokane and other wedding-party expenses. Then she reclaimed much of her furniture from my flat, forcing me to shop. This made me bad-tempered throughout the ole season of lights. I am a reluctant and charmless consumer.

But all is forgiven, because I am just so completely delighted by this marriage. Even if I have to wear a matching frock (first time ever – shudder) and haphazardly sling sweaters into my suitcase at 3am (spontaneity is one of the secrets of the travel-writing trade, you see).

Complimenti e auguru, cari amici!

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