Dec 30, 2006

FOUNTAIN HILLS, Arizona – Enough with the moping, already. On with the self-indulgent 2006 recap:

And some memorable one-liners:

  • What you need is a man to give you lots of babies. Just breed and you get an EU passport! – date in Rome
  • Vandals wind up in their underpants. – Italian bus announcement
  • I come from Alaska to Eastern Europe to save your sorry @ss, you're not at the train station and you make me sleep in a cell? – ERH
  • Gooooooooooo! – Hobbes the Abused 4-H Llama
  • Well, it was a rather small coup, really. And the passengers didn't manage to hijack the plane properly. But then a man had a fatal heart attack in the terminal...– talking shop in London
  • A diamond tooth is hot, f*cking hot.– Hatboy
  • You're definitively his child. We're not so sure about the maternity, though. – Ellen, la mia mamma
  • I'm all f*cking Zen now.– after the three-night Alaskan ferry
  • Romance today is hard. It's not like when I was young. Why your grandfather and I went on a first date at the morgue! – Emma
  • Why was Grieg short? Was that happenstance? – a colleague
  • We think that means the entire world is a huge playground, and all you have to do is go out and play, be attentive, and it will reward you endlessly. – baby advice
  • Without tits, there is no paradise.– Colombian TV show
  • You don't have monkey mind. You have a whole barrel of monkeys. – Edward Readicker-Henderson

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