Dec 14, 2006

COOMBS, British Columbia: Ruminants in high places amuse me, from South African tower-goats to Norwegian billies cropping an exhibition hall and the elusive reindeer on a second-story porch.

Rumor has it that the Old Country Market boasts a whole attic paddock. I am beside myself with excitement. The untutored eye might assume I'm napping while my colleague navigates snowy mountain passes. But no, I am tightly coiled, ready to commando-roll from the rental and capture the grazing craziness.

Except the fair-weather flock isn't in. And the sod roof – so full of promise with its hut and fences –  will remain empty until March.

First no surfing and now AWOL goats? "What next?" I growl.

Only the region's largest storm in a decade...


  1. Haha! How do you find places like this?

  2. Well, I was asleep in the car (as usual) and woke in the Nanaimo Tourist Center parking lot.

    "Karen, what's going on?"

    "I'm tired and taking a nap."

    "Um, that's why we have two drivers ..."

    We wandered inside the center and an overexcited retiree talked me over the entire route to Tofino.

    On the one hand, it was information overkill. On the other, I'd never have discovered Coombs, "home of goats on a roof," without him.