Sep 6, 2007

I lurch through my fourth airport in two days, headed towards the Republic of Palau (east of the Philippines).

"Congrats," my friend Stephanie Oswald mumbles. "We are now Guambies."

"Gumbies? Nothing flexible here after 17 hours of flight time..."

"No, GuAAAmbies. Like zombies, because almost everyone here is transiting the Pacific and half dead."

Aha. Maybe that's the excuse of an American baby-boomer, who leers at the lounge receptionist, "any hotels that rent by the hour here?"


  1. Palau? Cool ... can we expect to see some shark pictures?

    (na na ... na na ... na na na na)

  2. Have I got sharks for you! Well, no photos, mind, but RAPTUROUS WORD PICTURES.

    My photog friend Marcus Donner loaned me a camera housing, but the Canon flash punked at depth. Dive photography requires special gear, unfortunately. About $10k worth...

    Still, I believe I saw a tiger shark, second only to great whites in fatalities. Locals concur.

    Don't tell la mamma. I'm lucky she doesn't read the blog much... Otherwise I'd be grounded in Arizona FOREVER. Ax.

  3. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Tell me more about the Guam airport...I have to transit there next month!

  4. Half of Guam airport is desolate with crash barriers down the center and one coffee stand per aisle. Then you turn the corner and – bam – duty-free glitz.

    Outbound from Honolulu was simple. Returning, we had to clear three passport checks and re-screen our carry-ons: a bleary hassle at 3am... One expat explained: "Security is intense here because this would be the entry point for Muslims from the Pacific."

  5. Awww, "word pictures?" Well, I guess that's kind of dangerous. Na na .. na n ... oh, forget it.

    Haha, seriously, a tiger shark is pretty cool! Did you try to bite it? That's that I would do - bite the shark before it bit me.

    PS- Buy Olympus. (Shhh, play along - I'm trying to get them to sponsor me).