Apr 12, 2008


Never mind the narrative detour – or the bollocks – but I'll be blathering on Chris Christensen’s Amateur Traveler podcast April 19th.

National Geographic Traveler gave the show a nod, while Men's Journal declared it “one of the four best adventure travel podcasts.” And the host hand-codes his own RSS feed. Really, does moonlight-journalism get more hard-core? I think not.

Chris struck me as tremendously smart, kind and funny: the kind of bloke you'd buy a beer or three. Now I wish I'd chattered less about minigolf, Krapina Man, bomb craters, diamond inlays and wormwood wine in Croatian truck stops – not to mention the attack-alpaca – and that I'd drawn out a few of his own stories.

Guess I'll just have to turn the tables and interview him one of these days...


  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    yeah, but did you share that final pack of grapefruit gum when you found it? oh, no, of course not.

    and just for the record, i don't think i was contemplating ramones t-shirts at that point. i'm pretty sure i was wondering how i was ever going to get back out of that canyon, and why on earth i was in boonies croatia so soon after having heart surgery.

    because grapefruit gum really is that good.

    if you can find somebody who shares.

  2. Bi-atchin' interview, Amanda!

    PS- Will check to see if grapefruit gum is available here in the herring belt.

  3. ERH: I might yet share the final pack of grapefruit gum, which I've been hoarding ... IF you're nice to me.

    DB: Ta – I haven't been able to listen yet. I need to download some program ... plus I'm slightly embarrassed...