Jul 18, 2008


My name is Amanda. I have a pronoun problem ... and maybe ... <stifles sob> ... maybe a compulsive pseudonym disorder.

Apparently I once dated a man four months before a close friend ascertained the beau's proper name.

But this time ... this time I slipped. I blurted "Miguel" in public six hours before we even met.

"He's real," my buddy Mike crowed. "You like this one!"

"Too much," I admitted.

A week later that statement only grows more true.

* From Counting Crows' "Good Time "... "You know you made my heart real strong/ even if you made my head real thin."


  1. It really has been, dare I say, an awesomely wow week. And here's to the next one to come.

    And I'll leave it at that, lest my commentary veer into fubsy territory.

  2. Oh I love fubsy soaps with a good ending. I smell a never-ending story, though. So bring on the fairy tale!!!

  3. Oh I am SOOOO excited for all involved!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Meanwhile, I say their names until becoming involved, then suddenly give them a nickname and try to hide their completely obvious identity, though it is splattered across this-here internet thingy.

  5. Monsieur Duran,
    Fub at me any time, sweet man. Just, yeah, good call: maybe not where my snarky colleagues can see... or yours, for that matter.

  6. Sascha: thanks for the vote of support, darlink (what was I saying about snarky colleagues now?). Xoxoxo, Ax.

    Marie, now that I'm both blogger and bloggee, I can appreciate pseudonyms. Luckily, MMD's journal is friends only, so I can preserve my ginormous professional gravitas and sense of decorum.

    As if such a thing were possible in this clown-pie career...

  7. Junoir Woodsmoke12:17 AM

    Good to see you happy, girl.