Jul 21, 2008


SEATTLE –  Last time I taught a Hugo House blog class, I accidentally projected three square feet of porn onto the wall.

The nonstop yucks continue next week with a four-day course:

On a Blogroll
Over 70 million blogs lurk in cyberspace now. Discover how to make yours stand out – and earn money. Explore the history of the genre and its future, ethics, syndication and traffic generation. We’ll also focus on the literary aspects: developing a distinctive voice, thematic continuity, content pacing and shaping short narrative. We’ll touch upon “other voices, other rooms”: adding diversity though interviews, memes, images, links and multimedia.

This class provides a blog beginner with the tools to grow more serious.

Prerequisite: a blog or previous attendance at the one-day workshop “Baby”s First Blog.” Please bring a wi-fi enabled laptop to the second and third sessions.

Hugo House: July 28-31 (Monday-Thursday 4-6 pm). Members $130, general $145.

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