Aug 6, 2008


Goldstream Provincial Park, BC – Never mind.

I'm too ashamed to even try to explain why the laptop summited Mount Finlayson in British Columbia...


  1. we could start with a few word games:

    1)pressure's mounting for A. Castleman

    2)i-book(ed) my climbing holiday

    3)A.'s got a mountain of work to 'do'

    4) it's the hight of technology dependence

    Ever thought of getting a blackberry? Never mind....

  2. Blackberries are for wusses.

    Next time I'm carrying the G5 tower up the mountain!

  3. Forgot it was in your bag?

  4. No, worse: carried it on purpose. Part weight-training for the West Coast Trail, part paranoia about thieves...

    By day three, I cheerfully hid the iBook under a tarp in the 1986 rusted Ford Ranger, because, as a friend pointed out, "what loser would break into a vehicle like that?"

  5. Have a laptop like mine, Amanda....completely thief proof: External keyboard thanks to a stray cup of coffee, battery compartment held together by tape, sound broken, Norton expired in 2005. I am sort of hoping someone nicks it so I can claim on my insurence. So far no luck!

  6. Extreme Blogging! There has to be a coffee table book in that.

  7. Sascha: I "borrowed back" the 2000 laptop I'd given mum – the ghetto one with the eviscerated DVD drive covered in duct tape (shiny silver electrician's sticky).

    But the ole model did not play ball with the swanky new GPS, so I had to bring my pride and joy.

    Tis a shame, really. I was ripped off in a Jo'burg hotel once and the thieves disdained to touch the road-weary clamshell iBook. That thing is proven to dispel robbers...

    Louche: Maybe that's our first project together, since we're not really on the fat-burner-diesel ball here!