Aug 7, 2008


A presentation by Rolf Potts, starring many of my favorite people like ma and pa and Marie and Edward...

(Messr. Potts is a big deal in our trade, even if he needs to work on special-character corruption ... I suspect he interviewed me to liven the white-male progression – he seems to color or ovary it up every third month. Whatever the motivation, can I really object to featuring after Gary Shteyngart and Arthur Frommer? Hell to the no!)

Ax, your August calendar girl


  1. Oh to be jealous...sigh

    While you are surfing the edge, I am 'smurfing the ledge' of my one year old's playroom. Those blasted blue little creatures

  2. I've been 'trimming the hedge' today, an actual hedge, or at least I was until I broke the trimmer. Does that make me incompetant or just so 'hedgy' that I break tools that aren't able to handle my extreme skillz.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, Amanda! Your favorite groupie ... :)

  4. Sascha: but you have the inimitable Iona. What could be better?

    (Aside from Ben, ponies and a fab career?)

    Louche: you are too big for that town, clearly. Maybe the continent. Come romp round the States already, eh?

    Monika: Love ya back, gal. Especially quando ci mangiamo a pizza! Solo cinquanta euro!