Sep 22, 2008


SAN JUAN ISLAND, Washington – After months of playing in the deserts and rainforests, it's time to head home, batten down for the long grey swells of winter. To abandon some dreams, create others.

This year's been curiously hard, between my grandmother's extended-play death and caretaking for a friend in crisis. I'm not sorry to rumble into its home stretch.


  1. Oh what a year, petal! You shared it so very well with us lurkers. After my glass of gin'n something (or even before it), you positively rock. Let's go dancin' soon!

  2. Hmmm, shared it all really well except the two months of winter-surfing in Alaska, diving Malta and walking off docks in Lago di Como, eh?

    Dancing, absolument! My continent or yours, what with the cheapie RyanAir flights kicking in?

    Miss you, doll. Git on over here, cause I probably won't hit Europe till spring for the Rome workshop (unless some editor ships me across sooner).