Sep 15, 2012

Yahoo: Sneak Away for a Wild Celtic Fling

The Paralympics just wrapped up London’s golden sporting season, but athletic feats are still going strong in the UK. Highland Games run through much of the year, celebrating Scottish and Celtic heritage.

Even Disney-Pixar is getting in the spirit with its 2012 release Brave, which follows the plucky Princess Merida—a skilled archer—as she tries to lift a curse (Incidentally, this is Pixar’s first period piece and first female protagonist: a fitting tribute to the Scots, a people known for their history, ingenuity and innovation).

Learn more about haggis hurling, the world's largest porridge bowl and other Highland highlights around the world in my latest Yahoo piece.

Top right: A young girl dances at Braemar's gathering.  Above: Putting the shot, also at the Royal Braemar Games, Grampian, Scotland. Both images courtesy of VisitBritain

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